Macarthur 10s Rugby Tournament - Competition Rules





1. The games will be played under the laws of the Rugby Football as framed by the International Rugby Football Board as amended by these rules. NOTE:- the laws require a minimum of 5 players in a scrum; 3 players in a line-out.


2.1 Playing times for the group rounds competition will be 2 halves of 10 minutes each. Or 1 game of 10 mins Semi-finals games in the Cup competition will be 2 halves of 10 minutes. The finals will be 2 halves of 10 minutes. Each half ends and play halts when the ball goes dead after the bell. Camden Rugby Union Club has the right to reduce playing times. NOTE THIS WILL CHANGE DEPENDING ON TEAM NUMBERS.


2.2 ALL kick-offs and kicks at goal or penalty goal MUST be taken by a drop kick and completed within 40 seconds of being awarded and ALL kicks at penalty goal are to be taken and completed within 40 seconds

of the time-keeper determining that the goal kicking side is in possession or ought to reasonably be in possession of the ball.


2.3 In all cases the time-keeper shall be the sole judge of time.


3. The team scoring also takes the kick-off to restart play.


4. There will be no time off allowed for injuries.


5. A very strict program will be observed. Each team must registrar no more than 15 members at the Official table in the Clubhouse at least 30 minutes prior to their first game. This includes a minimum of 10 players, a

maximum of 15 players, a Coach, Manager and Trainer. No more than 10 players may be on the playing field during the play. Only 15 players per team can play each game and be within the playing area during their game. 


6. All players must be registered on Macarthur 10’s Team Registration sheet. This will include the players name and a verified source of identity. The identity source must contain a photograph of the player such as a drivers licence, passport or other legitimate form of photo ID.

The sheet must be completed and signed by the coach and manager.

Players are to sign on at the scorer's table before their first game and again before the finals. Please see Note (f)


6.1 Any team playing unregistered players will be disqualified from the competition


6.2 Players may be inter-changed with reserves during the game. The number of inter-changes is unlimited and a player previously replaced may return to the game. But only the nominated 15 players per team can play each game. All reserves from both teams must be within the interchange area located adjoining the official scorer's table.


6.3 Inter-changes are to occur at the sideline within the interchange area. The replacing player may not take the field until the replaced player has entered the inter-change area and the replacing player may only enter the field in an on-side position.


6.4 Should a squad be reduced to less than 15 players due to players being injured and unable to participate in subsequent matches, substitute players may be obtained from any of the teams of comparable ability or below previously eliminated, provided the substitution is sanctioned by the Competition Organisation Committee after advice from the Competition Medical Officer.


7. The minimum number of players which a team must have to commence a game is 10.


8. If a player is sin-binned (Yellow Card) it will be for 2 minutes duration and must be reported to the Competition Manager in which the player’s club competes. If a player is sent off (Red Card) it will be for the remainder of the tournament and must be dealt with by the player’s Competition Judiciary Committee. There will be no judiciary conducted by the Competition Organisation Committee on the day of the tournament.

NB: Yellow Cards are cumulative with 3 yellow cards on the day being determined to be equivalent to a red card and will be reported to the players Home Union. Red Cards require a Send Off Report which will be lodged with the players Home Union.


9. For drawn games in the competition, the team that scores the most tries is the winner; if tries are equal, first try scorer; if no tries, first points scorer; if no points a coin is tossed to determine the right to proceed.


10. If scores are equal at full time of the final an additional 3 minutes each way will be played. If the scores are still equal, the team that scores the most tries is the winner; if tries are equal, first try scorer; if no tries, first points scorer; if no points the 2 teams are declared joint winners.


11. The Competition Organising Committee will adjudicate all disputes and the Committee's decision is final. If teams withdraw prior to the competition or fail to attend within the time specified on the day of the

competition, the Committee reserves the right to make substitutions at its sole discretion.



13. The teams will be divided into Groups of either 4 or 6 teams each, depending on the number of teams entered. This could change due to team numbers.

14. Each team in each Group plays each other team in the Group. Points are awarded in Group games, 2 for a win and 1 each for a draw.

15. If Group points are equal the leading team is decided on best averages of scores for and against and if averages are also equal a coin is tossed to determine which team proceeds




The Finals structure will be finalised based on the final number of accepted teams.



(a) Trophies and prize money will be presented immediately after the finals.


(b) There is a very strict programme to be observed. Clubs must nominate their teams to the Official Table 30 MINUTES prior to commencement of their first match. The Competition Organising Committee reserves

the right to eliminate any team which is not ready to proceed onto the field 5 minutes prior to the advertised time. There will be an interval of approximately 30 minutes between the semi-finals and the finals of both mens competitions


 (c) There will be no lining up of teams in the centre of the field. The toss for ends must be taken before entering the field.




(e) All time keepers and scorers will be supplied by Camden Rugby Football



(f) Camden Rugby Union Club will take out insurance for all teams on the day therefore competing teams will not need to have their own insurance. The requirement for this is that ALL players must be registered on Macarthur 10’s Team Registration Sheet with verified ID to qualify for player insurance. If a player is not registered on the Macarthur 10’s Team Registration Sheet that player will not be covered by insurance and therefore will be ineligible to play.

(g) Team registration fee is $400 and is payable by the 13th February. If a team nominates and withdraws after the 13th February the Club will retain $200 of the nomination fees.



John Richardson

Macarthur International Tens Secretary

Mobile: 0419 237 546



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