Beat The Rogue 24

Well it’s all over for 2019, already! Ian Westwood finished well tipping all the Grand Final winners but missed a full house thanks to the NRC draw. Angie Hobbs and Andrew Kennedy scored two each with The Rogue and Steve Tresidder only getting one winner each on the day. That means that over the final series both Ian Westwood and Steve Tresidder managed to Beat The Rogue but overall The Rogue finished on top once again. So you will all have to wait till season 2020 to have another go to try and Beat The Rogue!

Points Tally               Final Series                                                 

9 - Steven Tresidder - Ian Westwood                               

8 - The Rogue, Angie Hobbs, Andrew Kennedy          


89 - The Rogue

87 - Andrew Kennedy

85 - Ian Westwood

75 - Angie Hobbs

73 - Steven Tresidder