Junior Registration with Rugby Link

Rugby Link is an online platform provided by the ARU to manage player registrations.

The core Registration form is a 5 step process, however there are 2 methods to access the same form.

Follow your preferred method to login and then see The Registration Form section at the bottom of this page.

Please note these instructions are aimed at returning players. New players can register on Rugby Link, but we would prefer they register at the clubhouse.

Login Method 1

Via the Camden Rugby Portal page on Rugby Link

Click here to access the Portal page

1. Select Membership type

2. Enter Participant ID and Password

3. Click Login

4. See The Registration Form section below

Login Method 2

Via an email you receive from Rugby Link

1. Click the Login link on the email

2. Login with the ID and Password provided

3. Ensure the Camden option is selected

4. Click the Payments/Subscriptions tab

5. Click the appropriate registration type (Junior Player Registration for all age groups above 6/7)

6. See The Registration Form section below