Update 3 Regarding COVID-19

To the Camden Rugby Union Club Members and Supporters,

It’s certainly a challenging time but we will need to accept that things will be different for a while.

The committee is meeting and is currently being proactive on a range of things to have the club ready to go when the season starts.

The committee is currently putting in place the following for the club:

  • Liaising with a fitness instructor to set up fitness programs for both senior and junior players to be able exercise at home, at the ground or in their local parks.
  • Liaising with a strength and condition instructor to set programs for both Senior and Junior players.
  • In discussion with other rugby clubs from Illawarra and other zones to arrange matches or gala days after the Illawarra season completes (this might be twilight matches in the October-December period, to give our players additional games).
  • Working on social event options, so when we are able to resume, they will ready to be operational in a short matter of time.

If you have any ideas please forward them to the committee. Remember no matter how lame you think your idea is, it might be a great idea and we want to hear it!!!

Social distancing does not mean social disconnection. If you need to physically isolate yourself, it’s more important than ever to maintain connections with your loved ones, friends and the rugby community.

There are lots of ways to stay connected, be creative and I would love to see items on our social media pages like rugby footage old and new and any rugby related challenges. So have a think and send them through.

Rugby Australia will be holding a meeting today and any information the club gathers, we will pass on to you.

Yes, COVID-19 has impacted us all in some way and try to keep in perspective that the world will keep turning and the sun will still come up every day and Rugby Union will return.

It’s a difficult time but there is support within the Camden Rugby Union Club and if you need help please ask.

The safety and health of our players, members, parents, coaches, managers, sponsors and supporters will always be at the forefront of the Camden Rugby Union Club.


Go the RAMS.


Richard Old


Camden Rugby Club Inc


0412 439 715